9 Powerful Songs about Jesus Name

Songs about Jesus name

The name of Jesus is the highest name of all, and at his name, every knee shall bow. There is no doubt that the name of Jesus carries a powerful and anointed presence in our lives.

When we declare His name in song, our faith rises and our Spirits are stirred.

Here is a list of 10 of the most powerful songs about Jesus Name.

What A Beautiful Name

Hillsong Worship

‘What a beautiful name’ is a powerful song of worship released by Hillsong Worship. The lyrics speak about the power and majesty of Jesus’ name, which is above all other names.

Lyrics such as “You have no rival, You have no equal, Now and forever God be praised” give us confidence in the knowledge that Jesus’ name is above all other names.

Break Every Chain

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, United Pursuit

Tasha Cobbs Leonard and United Pursuit have collaborated on this powerful anthem to call out the name of Jesus. The song talks about how the name of Jesus can break every chain in our lives, including addictions, fear, and depression.

We love how the song starts with a passionate call to action – “There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain”.

Love Has A Name

Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith

This beautiful and anointed song from Jesus Culture and Kim Walker-Smith speaks about the power of the name of Jesus.

We love how the lyrics explore the depths of His name:

“Love has a Name, Jesus,
Joy has a Name, Jesus,
Victory has a Name, Jesus”

The Name Of Jesus

Chris Tomlin

‘The Name of Jesus’ is an uplifting anthem that Chris Tomlin has released that talks about the power and safety of Jesus’ name. The lyrics share about how Jesus’ name is above all other names and that when we call on His name, his power is made available to us.

The Chorus section is particularly powerful as it talks about the victory which comes through Jesus’ name – “In the name of Jesus, There is life and healing, Chains are broken in Your name”.

Wonderful Name

Christy Nockels

This beautiful song from Christy Nockels speaks about the power of Jesus’ name and what it means to us. The lyrics talk about the sweetness and tenderness of His name, but also its transformative power.

“Oh how sweet the name that calms our storms,
How tenderly His love transforms,
the hardest heart and the deepest shame,
There is power, power in that wonderful name”.

No Other Name

Hillsong Worship

This powerful song from Hillsong Worship speaks about the power and authority that comes with the name of Jesus. The lyrics talk about how no other name has the same power and authority as Jesus:

“Lift up our eyes, see the King has come
Light of the world reaching out for us
There is no other name, There is no other name,
Jesus Christ our God”.

Name Above All Names

Tim Hughes

This beautiful song from Tim Hughes is a call to exalt and lift up Jesus’ name.

“Name above all names, You are glorious, Wonderful and true, powerful are You
There will be a day, when every knee will bow, Before Your Holiness, every tongue confess, Name above all names”.

We love how this song declares that Jesus’ Name is above all other names and that one day, everyone will bow down before His holiness.

The Name of Jesus


Sinach has released this powerful and inspiring song that speaks about Jesus’ name. The lyrics talk about the power of His Name to bring breakthrough, healing, deliverance and freedom in our lives.

“The name of Jesus higher than other names
King of all Kings, no other name like His
The name of Jesus higher than other names
Alpha and Omega, no other name like His”

Call On The Name

Cody Carnes

This beautiful and anointed song from Cody Carnes is a declaration to call on Jesus’ name. The lyrics speak about how His name has no rival, it brings salvation, freedom, hope, healing and deliverance.

“I call on the name of Jesus
I want to be saved
I never want to be the same”

Happy Listening!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of powerful and uplifting songs about Jesus name. As you listen to these songs, may faith rise up in your heart and the power of His Name be made available to you!

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May your relationship with God be strengthened and blessed as you seek Him through the wonderful name of Jesus.