About us

This company is the real manifestation of the exact message which it spreads. We were able to start this company from scratch and build it to a sustainable organization only through prayers of our family and friends along with faith as little as a mustard seed.

These words changed my life. After going through life’s struggles and constant failures I realized that the thing I lacked was Faith and to remind myself daily I started carrying a mustard seed along with me. The constant reminder it provided me about the unending love and support of our almighty God started changing me.

Long story short, I started to accomplish my goals one by one. When my close friends and family asked me for the secret behind my quick success, I felt obliged to spread Jesus to as many people as possible. He was challenging me to stretch. He had gifted me with life’s tools and experiences to fully develop the mustard seed vision. It was now time, His time.

If God wanted to use my hands, I was ready. Hence started this company with the mustard seed necklace and invested all my money in it along with my faith as tiny as a mustard seed.

Since then we’ve launched our Christian clothing and apparel, hoodies, shirts, posters, jewelery and more.

Here I am today heart in hand, anxious to leap out of bed to create for the Creator. I’m ready to move mountains and ignite others to do the same.

I hope that this small venture inspires at least one person to follow Jesus to His Kingdom.


Antony Francis (Co-Founder of Seeding Faith)