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Mustard Seed Keychain FAQ's

The mustard seed keychain meaning can be very personal for some Christian women, but it is a reminder for all to have Faith in God, even if your faith is small as a mustard seed. Faith in God not matter the situation is more than enough for what you need. To have Faith in God means to take His word for you as “Yes and Amen”, and give him the praise!

Yes this mustard seed keychain could be considered a vintage style necklace. 

A keychain with mustard seed is a statement to always have Faith in God no matter the situation or circumstance, for all Christian women and girls. 

No it is not a sterling steel made keychain, but made from stainless steel. 

A faith like a mustard seed necklace is a keychain containing a real mustard seed to act as a symbol of Faith in God.

Yes this is a floating mustard seed keychain.

Yes this is a mustard seed charm keychain.

Shipping times are generally 5-14 days across the continental states. 

Yes, this mustard seed keychain has free shipping in the USA!

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