11 Inspiring Songs About Following Jesus

Songs about Following Jesus

Following Jesus is certainly a journey of faith, and in challenging times all of us may need a little encouragement. But thank God there are so many great songs to help us along the way!

Music is a powerful way to connect to His love and to encourage us on our walk of Faith to follow Jesus.

Whether you’re looking for a praise song to lift your spirits or a worship song to bring you closer to God, here is are some of our favourite songs about following Jesus to enjoy.

1. “Jesus, I Come” by Elevation Worship
This song is a powerful declaration of devotion to Jesus, reminding us to surrender to Him and to live lives that bring Him glory. The lyrics are full of encouragement as it emphasizes how when we humble ourselves in surrender, God’s power strengthens and enables us:

“Jesus I come, Jesus I come / I will rise, stand redeemed / Heaven open over me / To Your name eternally / Endless glory I will bring”

It’s an inspiring reminder that when we come to Him in repentance, He fills us with His power to stand in victory and bring Him glory.

2. “I will follow” by Chris Tomlin
This is another uplifting and all round great song by Chris Tomlin about choosing to follow Jesus.

The chorus emphatically declares: “Where You go, I’ll go / Where You stay, I’ll stay / When You move, I’ll move / I will follow”

It’s a reminder that following Jesus is a choice that we need to make daily, in every moment.

3. “Follow You Anywhere” by Kristian Stanfill
This song is all about following Jesus and trusting in His divine plan for our lives
The chorus calls us to follow Jesus anywhere: “You are the refuge I run to / You are the fire that leads me through the night / I’ll follow You anywhere / There’s a million reasons to trust You / Nothing to fear for You are by my side / I’ll follow You anywhere / Follow You anywhere”

It’s an inspiring reminder that we can always trust in the Lord that He is leading us through any challenges or difficult times that may come our way.

4. “Where You Go I Go” by Kim Walker-Smith
This song is a declaration of faithfulness and loyalty to Jesus. It reminds us to always seek the Lord first and follow Him wherever He leads

The chorus declares: “Where you go I go / What you say I say / What you pray I pray / What you pray I pray”

This song encourages us to stay close to Jesus and to never give up on following Him.

5. “Follow You” by Leeland
This is a song about choosing to follow Jesus into all the world, no matter what.

The chorus is full of commitment and faith in Jesus: “Follow You into the homes of the broken / Follow You into the world / Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God / Follow You into the world”

It’s a powerful reminder that no matter what the cost, we will always choose to follow Jesus, because that is the only place where we will find our purpose and true selves.

6. “King of My Heart” by Steffany Gretzinger & Jeremy Riddle
This is an upbeat and faith-filled song that speaks of our love for Jesus and the fact that He is always good and will never let us down.

The chorus calls Jesus the King our hearts: “Let the King of my heart / Be the mountain where I run / The fountain I drink from / Oh, He is my song”

It’s a beautiful expression of faith, reminding us that Jesus is the center of our lives and the one we turn to in times of need.

7. “Only Jesus” by Casting Crowns
This powerful song encourages us to keep Jesus the center of our lives, and to follow Him and live our lives fully for Him.

The chorus reminds that Jesus is worth living for: “And I, I don’t want to leave a legacy / I don’t care if they remember me / Only Jesus”

It’s an inspiring song about committing our lives to Jesus and trusting Him to lead us on a path of purpose and victory.

8. “Lead Me to the Cross” by Hillsong United
This touching song by Hillsong United is a prayer of surrender and devotion to Jesus.

The chorus speaks of our need for Him: “Lead me to the cross / Where Your love poured out / Bring me to my knees / Lord I lay me down / Rid me of myself / I belong to You”

This song is a powerful reminder of the power of surrendering our lives to Jesus, and trusting in Him for our salvation and eternal life.

9. “The Cost” by Rend Collective
This catchy song speaks to the incredible power of living for Jesus, and how He is worth any sacrifice it may take in following Him.

It starts out with this powerful declaration: “I’m saying yes to You / And no to my desires / I’ll leave myself behind / And follow You”

It’s an inspiring cry to follow Jesus and put His will and kingdom first in our lives.

10. “The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman
This classic song by Matt Redman speaks to the importance of worshiping Jesus with all our hearts and lives.

The chorus captures the power of worshipping Him purely, with all we are: “I’m comin’ back to the heart of worship / And it’s all about You / It’s all about You, Jesus”

It reminds us to seek Jesus wholeheartedly through our worship and lives.

11. “I Surrender” by Hillsong United
“I Surrender” is a beautiful song about surrendering all to follow Jesus.

The chorus repeats: “I surrender / I wanna know You more … Like a rushing wind / Jesus breathe within / Lord have Your way / Lord have Your way in me”

This song reminds us that when we surrender our hearts completely to Jesus, we can trust that He will lead us on a path of victory and purpose. It’s such a beautiful song of commitment to the Lord.