Sadie Robertson Huff Encourages Thousands of Young People to ‘Stay Steadfast’ on Scripture

Sadie Robertson Huff, famous author and podcast host, kicked off the 2024 Passion Conference with a strong call to action for the thousands of teenagers and young adults present, urging them to stand firm on the Word of God and actively share the Gospel.

Addressing the audience at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Jan. 3, she posed a poignant question, “Why are you scared to share the most incredible story known to man that would change anyone’s life that encountered it?”

Highlighting the significance of sharing the good news, she continued, “This is the greatest gift you could give someone to share this news. You’re going to face hard things… It’s normally in the hardships that the evidence of His faithfulness becomes so real to you.”

Acknowledging the challenges in the world, she emphasized her commitment, stating, “There’s a lot of bad things happening… But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. This story will not be lost on my watch. Don’t let it be lost on yours. Don’t let it be lost on your family. Don’t let it be lost on this generation. When everyone turns to other gods, and they are, you know the one true God. Stay steadfast.”

Watch Sadie at Passion Conference 2023:

Earlier in her address, Huff shared a personal struggle when someone questioned her faith years ago. The inquiry, “Dear Sadie Robertson, How do you know God is real?” prompted her to seek practical answers. Passion founder Louis Giglio guided her, asserting, “Because of the Bible.” This led her to reevaluate the Scriptures in the context of her personal relationship with God.

Referencing the story of King Josiah, who encountered the book of the law at 26, she reflected, “When Josiah read the Word for himself, it changed him.” Although acknowledging the availability of the Word in various formats, she questioned whether its true value, power, and significance had been lost on the audience.

Drawing an analogy with sports fans’ unwavering belief in their favorite athletes, Huff argued that true belief in God comes from understanding the Bible and witnessing its transformative impact on lives.

While discussing the possibility of God revealing Himself in spectacular ways, she emphasized, “He could bring a fire from the sky right now, and we’re like, ‘Yep, He’s real.’… But the discovery of the Word changed everything. That was all they needed to know. How do I know God is real? Because I know the story. And because the story has changed me.”