Former Terrorist Predicts Thousands of Gazans Will Embrace Jesus

A former terrorist has made a startling prediction about the war between Israel and Hamas. Taysir Abu Saada, an ex-member of the Fatah terrorist group who converted to Christianity in the 1990s, believes that thousands of Gazans will embrace Christianity amidst the ongoing conflict.

In an interview with Joel Rosenberg on the “Rosenberg Report” from TBN, Saada explained why he thinks this conversion will take place. He believes that Hamas, the ruling political party in Gaza, has deceived the people with their ideology. However, he believes that God has a plan, and part of that plan involves both Arabs and Jews.

Saada expressed his desire to be part of the rebuilding process in Gaza. Despite the destruction and hardship faced by Palestinians, he believes they will seek answers and turn to God. He said, “God is going to do a lot of work [in Gaza], and I want to be a part of that.”

Saada’s journey to Christianity was influenced by his resentment towards Jewish Israelis following the Six-Day War in 1967. After joining Fatah and fighting for the cause, he felt betrayed and believed that their leaders had sold them out to the Jews. However, after getting into legal trouble, he was sent to the U.S., where he eventually met a Christian man who led him to Christ.

Initially, Saada struggled with the idea of loving Jews, as he had grown up hating them like many other Arabs. However, after studying the Scriptures and spending time in prayer, he experienced a change of heart. He began praying for the Jewish people and asking for God’s blessings on them.

Saada also believes that the current events in the world point to the end times. He sees the destruction caused by Hamas and Israel’s response as signs of these impending times. Despite all the chaos, he remains hopeful and predicts that many Gazans will find solace and hope in embracing Christianity.

Here’s a brief prayer for Israel:

Taysir Abu Saada, a former terrorist turned Christian, predicts that thousands of Gazans will accept Jesus as their faith amid the ongoing war. He believes that God has a plan for both Arabs and Jews and expects a massive spiritual harvest in Gaza.