Actress Candace Cameron Bure fearlessly takes on ‘Cancel Culture’ and speaks her mind!

Actress Candace Cameron Bure fearlessly takes on ‘Cancel Culture’ and speaks her mind!

In a recent episode of her “Candace Cameron Bure Podcast,” actress Candace Cameron Bure spoke out against “cancel culture.” Bure, who is known for being an outspoken Christian, revealed that she has faced pushback in the entertainment industry due to her beliefs. She acknowledged the negative attention she has received in the media and on social platforms, stating, “If you read the news in certain types of weekly magazines or even Instagram, you’ll have seen my face pop up in multiple articles from last year and this year. And a lot of them are really negative.”

Bure admitted that she had never experienced such intense criticism before, but emphasized that she remains firm in her faith. She explained, “I think because I believe strongly in what I believe and lead with my faith, and I’m not afraid or shy or afraid of it, I think that most people who don’t know me well and personally think that my skin is a lot thicker than it is. And it’s not. It’s gotten thicker over the years, but I’m still developing that.”

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One incident that garnered backlash for Bure was a 2022 interview where she stated that the TV channel Great American Family would prioritize traditional marriage over LGBT storylines in its content. Despite the criticism she faced, Bure mentioned that her brother Kirk Cameron has been a source of support, encouraging her to stand strong in her faith. She referred to his support as being part of the “James 1 Club,” which has helped her navigate the trials she has encountered.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Bure expressed her determination not to give up or retreat from the public eye. She stated, “I could have bailed and just said, ‘You know what? I’m totally done with this,’ or ‘I don’t want to be a public figure anymore.'” However, it is evident that Bure remains steadfast in her convictions and is committed to staying true to herself, regardless of the pressures of cancel culture.